The combination of the names of the leader-Jung Yunho and the lead singer-Kim Jaejoong of the Korean/Japanese band TVXQ. It is a couple name used to refer to the relationship between the two boys- as regards to the nature of this as a part of 'fanservice' and friendship or something greater like yaoi has been a topic of constant debate. Since neither have confirmed or denied existence of anything other than friendship but continuing to behave which can be interpreted either way.
Fan 1: I really like YunJae
Fan 2 : They are not real!!
Fan 1:Duh! They are, you must be blind not to see the way they act towards each other...
Fan 2: No way they are just good friends.
Fan 1: You are just too blind to seethe obvious!
by Queenlucifer April 08, 2010
Top Definition
Combination of the two names, Yunho and Jaejoong.
A cute, sexy, adorkable, hot, unique, everlasting YAOI couple.
YunJae.....everlasting love.

P.S: Who ever thinks YunJae isn't true, is SO retarted!!
by Sayu-Chan March 14, 2008
A wannabe ninja.

Thinks he's some kind of movie maker.
That's right Yun Jae.
I went there.
by beattie April 13, 2005
YunJae comes from the names of the two oldest of TVXQ, Yunho and Jaejoong. The couple does not exist. Supporters gtfo.
Your mom supports "yunjae" so I punched her in the mouth.
by aaaaaaaaaaaayer February 04, 2009
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