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A country I have mixed feeling about...

1. Weed is illegal, pain in the ass to obtain.
2. Adderall a.k.a. amphetmine (which I have prescription for Attention Deficit Disorder) is illegal
3. I have to attend the mandatory military service if I go back
4. No jobs unless you graduated from an Ivy League, speak english, have connections.

1. Hot korean girls
2. good club scene
3. people get shit faced more than Americans assume
4. college students don't study
5. great for partying if you got the dough
Ex. 1
me - fuck, i need to get a green card if i want to go back to S. Korea

friend - why?

me - military man

friend - fuck that shit.

Ex. 2

white boy - where can i find some hot azn chicks?

me - korea man.

white boy - yeahhh, imma go to korea!

me - no (g00d) weed for you brah

white boy - ...
by KrnSurferDude January 22, 2011