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YunJae comes from the names of the two oldest of TVXQ, Yunho and Jaejoong. The couple does not exist. Supporters gtfo.
Your mom supports "yunjae" so I punched her in the mouth.
by aaaaaaaaaaaayer February 04, 2009
Combination of the two names, Yunho and Jaejoong.
A cute, sexy, adorkable, hot, unique, everlasting YAOI couple.
YunJae.....everlasting love.

P.S: Who ever thinks YunJae isn't true, is SO retarted!!
by Sayu-Chan March 14, 2008
The combination of the names of the leader-Jung Yunho and the lead singer-Kim Jaejoong of the Korean/Japanese band TVXQ. It is a couple name used to refer to the relationship between the two boys- as regards to the nature of this as a part of 'fanservice' and friendship or something greater like yaoi has been a topic of constant debate. Since neither have confirmed or denied existence of anything other than friendship but continuing to behave which can be interpreted either way.
Fan 1: I really like YunJae
Fan 2 : They are not real!!
Fan 1:Duh! They are, you must be blind not to see the way they act towards each other...
Fan 2: No way they are just good friends.
Fan 1: You are just too blind to seethe obvious!
by Queenlucifer April 08, 2010
A wannabe ninja.

Thinks he's some kind of movie maker.
That's right Yun Jae.
I went there.
by beattie April 13, 2005