A lame ass card game lamers play to make themselves think they are cool.
Hi pretty lady, I got a Exodia. I bet you wanna fuck me don't you.
by Keiosu September 16, 2004
usually meets the following criteria:

1. no job
2. no life
3. graduated from college and has nothing better to do
4. lonely, so one would try to force others to play with him (misery loves company)
5. no job
6. no life
"Hey, wanna play YUGIOH?? It's an awesome strategy game!! what? you're not interested? you wanna go out and do stuff, like work, hang out, and play sports? you SURE you don't want to play? ehh? ehhhh? c'mon!
by yugi-UGH December 01, 2004
a form of porno watched by children and the wapanese.
hey yugiohs on. let me get the jizz rag.
by Childofbodom January 06, 2007
aka you-gay-ho
the most stupid show ever!!!!
gay people sommoning little animals who attak other monster!!!
how gay is that???
its gay ok??? its a game too.
its stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and really really really really really really really really really really gay!!!....
by chrisyset March 24, 2005
Horrible anime. The cards are pretty though.
Ew. Yu-Gi-Oh has got to be the stupidest thing that ever came out of Japan.
by AJ Naoko June 17, 2005
a horrible anime with poorly designed characters with eyes that are even huge in the anime world, retarded, gravity defying hair and evry character spends all of his of her time playing cards.
"hey jim, you wanna play yu-gi-oh?"
"no, sorry bob, im NOT gay"
"ah too bad, i wanted to make out later too"
by jim May 07, 2005
definition 1.
another lame cartoon shoved down our throats by Japan to get flushed down the crapper alongside pokemon, digimon, etc. it's about an incredibly stupid card game surrounding incredibly stupid characters involved in incredibly stupid plots and scenarios. it's watched and played by 4-9 year-old boys, and any dude that falls beyond that age group who watches and plays it is just a sad loser. SAD, I SAY. i mean, come on, its about a FREAKING CARD GAME!!! and if any of you sad loser yugioh fans are reading this, i need only to point to my name...

definition 2.
probably the next thing on eminem's ToDiss list

see poo for further reading
Sad Loser: "now, my Pink FatAss Dragon, i will fuse your Onion Breath with my own Garlic Fart to attack! COME FORTH FROM MY BOOTY, SMELLY LIGHTNING STRIKE!!!"

Sadder Loser: "no! i lost! now you're taking my best card, and my mind will be banished to the Shadow Realm!*

*<Sadder Loser translation>
"i'm gonna have to go home now and cry myself to sleep tonight, cuz i have no friends and i am a nerdy little wiener that needs my cards to compensate for the fact that i have no life! why can't i be as popular as yugi? what, do i need a freaking bucket of hair gel? or is it that all sane people realize it is just a kiddie show about a FREAKING CARD GAME?!!!!! OMG! I REALLY AM A LOSER!!!!!"
by Screw-You-All who like Yu-Gi-Oh October 30, 2004

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