The most idiotic game on the planet. If you play this you really need to do something better with your time.
"Hey I've got an idea, lets take every fuckin magic card ever created and multiply their attacks and defense by 1000. Those stupid americans won't know what hit em'. That will make us millions!!!" (Card Murchandising scam artists)
by Z-01 December 02, 2003
a reviloutianry technique that has finally given the world a clear way to tell if someone is gay , homosexual , queer etc.
1.Hmm, hes playing yu-gi-oh and enjoying it
2.Interesting observation, he is...
1. Oh god hes making out with another guy!
2. The system is flawless!
by fuck you all December 06, 2004
A lame ass card game lamers play to make themselves think they are cool.
Hi pretty lady, I got a Exodia. I bet you wanna fuck me don't you.
by Keiosu September 16, 2004
usually meets the following criteria:

1. no job
2. no life
3. graduated from college and has nothing better to do
4. lonely, so one would try to force others to play with him (misery loves company)
5. no job
6. no life
"Hey, wanna play YUGIOH?? It's an awesome strategy game!! what? you're not interested? you wanna go out and do stuff, like work, hang out, and play sports? you SURE you don't want to play? ehh? ehhhh? c'mon!
by yugi-UGH December 01, 2004
aka you-gay-ho
the most stupid show ever!!!!
gay people sommoning little animals who attak other monster!!!
how gay is that???
its gay ok??? its a game too.
its stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and really really really really really really really really really really gay!!!....
by chrisyset March 24, 2005
Horrible anime. The cards are pretty though.
Ew. Yu-Gi-Oh has got to be the stupidest thing that ever came out of Japan.
by AJ Naoko June 17, 2005
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