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People that hate the anime Yu-gi-oh and make fun of the people who like it.
GUY: I like Yu-gi-oh.

yugioh haters: You must be gay if you like that crap.
by loverofallthingsdark October 15, 2006
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duchebags that go around telling little eight year old kids and pat callagham that yugioh is gay and stupid and retarded, ect. well here is one thing from me to all the yugioh players out there keep playing dont listen to the fags that tell u other wise.......freedom of choice bitches
Yesterday i saw a yugioh hater tell Pat that yugioh is stupid and gay....pat cried
by bob January 28, 2005
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Guy 1: I love yugioh!
*swarm of people look at him*
*Guy 1 gets killed*
by marioguy May 01, 2005
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