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A person who has an insane appetite for Yugioh shows, merchandise and cards. He/she will freak out if a new episode is announced and if Yugi is caught in the shadow realm once again. He/she will buy authentic Yugioh duel disks and own over 5,000 cards with cases for every single one. He/she will also have many friends that are Yugiwhores and attends weekly tournaments and often wins. Rather than having a party with many people and loud music Yugiwhores will have Yugioh based parties with no more than 5 people and all napkins, plates and silverware will be decorated with Yugioh disigns. These people will spend time drawing pictures of their favorite yugioh TV show charaters and have "special" feelings for anyone who owns huge pyramid shaped bling, including yugi himself.
Wow that kid over there is such a yugiwhore!
by Ghetto- Mc-Patrick September 22, 2007
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