OMFG LIEK if u dont liek Yu-Gi-Oh! then you are a whiny little idiot. Its teh best anime and card game efar! Much better than pokemon! OMG liek i am going to buy some cards right now!!!!!!!! OMGOMGOMG
I dont need one cause I dont want one. Yu-Gi-Oh is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you dont like it then screw you!
by Yu-Gi-Oh! fan March 08, 2005
The most utterly buttfucking terrifying cartoon I have ever seen. Based on yet-another-monster-battling card game, features a disturbing little anime boy with creepy eyes, starfish hair and a baritone voice.
What is Cartoon Network thinking by airing Yu-gi-oh?
by tengu shoes November 09, 2004
a card came made for six year old that fasinates boys of the ages 5+ and has some t.v shows about it
girl: so..what do you wanna do?
yu-gi-oh mad dude: can we play yu-gi-oh ill show you how it takes stratedy and knowledge of monsters
girl: that sounds gay.

Note the yu-gi-oh mad dude is 13!
by --x--Tashiee--x-- May 07, 2007
This game is the worst game I have ever seen. This game requires so little strategy it shouldn't even be considered. This game is basically the richest person wins 'cause he can afford the best cards.If you players want a game that requires alot of strategy go for magic:thegathering. Search it up here. It has much better definitions than yu-gi-oh.
Oh yeah and it's a game that feeds off rich bastards who have nothing else to do.$8 Australian for 9 cards! come on! If any of you guys play any other card game you should know that is a rediculous price to pay for boosters.
Person one: I have $100. I can think 3 boosters.
by Slayerz December 13, 2004
The most idiotic game on the planet. If you play this you really need to do something better with your time.
"Hey I've got an idea, lets take every fuckin magic card ever created and multiply their attacks and defense by 1000. Those stupid americans won't know what hit em'. That will make us millions!!!" (Card Murchandising scam artists)
by Z-01 December 02, 2003
a reviloutianry technique that has finally given the world a clear way to tell if someone is gay , homosexual , queer etc.
1.Hmm, hes playing yu-gi-oh and enjoying it
2.Interesting observation, he is...
1. Oh god hes making out with another guy!
2. The system is flawless!
by fuck you all December 06, 2004
A lame ass card game lamers play to make themselves think they are cool.
Hi pretty lady, I got a Exodia. I bet you wanna fuck me don't you.
by Keiosu September 16, 2004

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