A japanese card game that arrived in america in 2001. An ok game, just people who get too obsessed with it are sad. I myself liked it when I was in 6th grade, but then thought it was sorta dumb and a waste of money (as was pokemon). So I spent a total of about $250 on yugioh cards for no reason and I still have them since I don't have an ebay account or paypal/credit card.
I used to like yu-gi-oh, but then I hit puberty and got a bigger penis and thought it was sorta dumb.

David: "Curtis you have to tribute!"
Curtis: "No you don't, I can set!"
David: "Your a gay loser faggot wannabe"
Curtis: "No you are"
David: "No you are"
Chris (me): "Shut the fuck up both of you, grow some balls and play other things, get a life, your social lives are pathetic. Either that or go kill yourselves."
The suckiest show of all time, its about a dude who has a split personality and plays a stupid cardgame to save the world all the time, he always seems to win, even if he has no chance at all. Its also what yugi shouts when he becomes his split personality...
1.Dude, I so kicked that guys ass in out yugioh duel.

2.YU-GI-OH!!*becomes taller and dumber*
by Sweet AKIRA dude! August 14, 2005
cheap rip off of Magic the Gathering
Magic came out in 1992 starting the fad of card games. the company behind it came out with pokemon in around 1997. Konami saw this success of card games and ripped the baisc play of magic the gathering and called the game "yugioh"
by richard ling April 22, 2005
The game i will kick all your asses at
I shall kick ur ass at yugioh
by Nick January 28, 2005
A trading card game based on a show where a little femined spikey haired faget named yugi plays a card game called duel monsters(yugioh in real life)and battles other nerds to unlock the secrets of the millenium puzzle(which I couldn,t give a shit about).In other words who ever collects yugioh is a loser who has no life whatso ever.
At my ghettoass school all these freakin nerds collect yugioh cards asking each other,"hey hey I,ll trade my dark magician for your blue-eyes-white dragon?will ya do it huh?will ya come on?" its so fucking aggravating u just wanna stick them in the face.
by arturo rosas May 02, 2005
definition 1
another lame cartoon shoved down our throats by Japan to get flushed down the crapper alongside pokemon, digimon, etc. it's about an incredibly stupid card game surrounding incredibly stupid characters involved in incredibly stupid plots and scenarios. it's watched and played by 4-9 year-old boys, and any dude that falls beyond that age group who watches and plays it is just a sad loser. SAD, I SAY. i mean, come on, its about a FREAKING CARD GAME!!! and if any of you sad loser yugioh fans are reading this, i need only to point to my name...

definition 2
probably the next thing on eminem's ToDiss list

see poo for further reading
Sad Loser: "now, my Pink FatAss Dragon, i will fuse your Onion Breath with my own Garlic Fart to attack! COME FORTH FROM MY BOOTY, SMELLY LIGHTNING STRIKE!!!"

Sadder Loser: "no! i lost! now you're taking my best card, and my mind will be banished to the Shadow Realm!"*

*<Sadder Loser translation>
"i'm gonna have to go home now and cry myself to sleep tonight, cuz i have no friends and i am a nerdy little wiener that needs my cards to compensate for the fact that i have no life! why can't i be as popular as yugi? what, do i need a freaking bucket of hair gel? or is it that all sane people realize it is just a kiddie show about a FREAKING CARD GAME?!!!!! OMG! I REALLY AM A LOSER!!!!"
by Screw-You-All who like Yu-Gi-Oh October 31, 2004
A show that will forever be remembered for its:
1. Invisible guns
2. Oddly edited fight scenes
3. Removal of any death whatsoever
5. The Shadow Realm
7. Heart of the cards
Guy 1: Did you watch Yugioh last night? Marik sent his father to the Shadow Realm!

Guy 2: Really? I could have sworn he stabbed him to death...
by lonelyrootbeer September 25, 2014

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