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Character from the Japanese animation "Spirited Away". She was the boss at the bath house.
Yubaba told Chihiro to prepare a bath for the Stink Spirit.
by ::analogue:: September 06, 2003
Basically, "yu" means bath and "baba" means old woman, so yubaba means "old bath woman", literally.
Need I say more?
by Akuma no Uta October 11, 2003
Character from the animated feature "Spirited Away", was owner and ran the bath house.

A knockoff of the Russian folklore witch "Baba Yaga".
Yubaba needs some serious Neutrogena.
by moltovivace February 22, 2005
Nikki Addison. Can oftentimes be found yelling and having a period all over the place.
OMG!!11 Yubaba!!11
by Eyeballflyball July 15, 2003
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