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Loud and obnoxious person who has great interest in sex and porn. Tends to taint any innocent mind that has any contact with her.
Adults and teachers are often fooled by her sweet appearence, but she turns 180 once left alone with friends...or simply...left alone. Gender undetermined.

Adj: To express any kind of weirdness happening, or porn that happened to come to mind.
2. Can be used as a swear word if when "fuck" gets too boring.
girl: "I feel like YuWing today"
friend: "Does that mean you're having sex tonight?"

2. girl: "THIS is all so YUWING! YUWING YUWING YUWING!!"
friend: "whoa man...calm down, if anyone hears, they'll think you're horny.
by Pauline ^^ May 07, 2004
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