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A very unique name that is given to very unique females in which do unique things.
that Ysabel is so unique.
by graybellz February 02, 2010
Ysabel is one of those people who are athletic, energetic, confident, and loud. She's one of those girls that you'll never see wearing a skirt or a dress. The only clothes you'll see her wear is a loose, boy cut shirt, skinny jeans wearing her Nikes or Vans and her hair in a high ponytail. She's also great in academics. Having the perfect ratio of social skills and smartness, she's one of the popular girls in school. Everyone loves hanging out with Ysabel, especially the guys. She's one of those girls who would make a great girlfriend because she is amazing in all sports, including soccer and football and way pretty. And her smile and laugh, also amazing, making any guy melt on the inside and fall for her.
Hey are you going to Ysabel's paintball party? I heard its gonna be awesome!
by :):)))) January 26, 2015
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