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A disease/disorder/stupidness/faggotry that causes a person to automatically type automatically as they open their internet browser.

This disease is usually obtained by watching too much porn from a Youtuber named Fred, who is very innocent and wants nothing more than to come to your kids' house at night and play with them

Cures: There is no known cure for Youtube Syndrome, but a brilliant scientist by the name of Ms. South Carolina, deduced a way to deal with this deadly and life threatening disease.

1. Get someone to tie you to a chair with 5 rolls of duct tape, I repeat 5 rolls or else it won't hold you down
2. Place you and chair in front of computer
3. Open up the web browser (Right here is where you need to be careful, as numerous reports indicate excessive seizures, violence 10 biting related deaths have been reported and masturbation
4. Hold down his fingers from typing on the keyboard (they will probably have escaped from the duct tape already)(preferably with a knife because it works so well)
5. Watch him scream and agonize in pain from not getting to go to
6. Repeat steps 1-5 for 2 years (or until the patient doesnt have hands left -_-)

Number of PPL dead from this disease: 2 tril / 0 X 1 mil
please, dont be another victim (also see stupidity)
Person 1: Awww, did you hear about Bill?
Person 2: No, what happened?
Person 1: It's so sad, everytime he tries to google something, it just goes to Youtube
Person 2: Oh My God, he has Youtube Syndrome! We need to quarantine him
by mock twayne October 26, 2009

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