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A great punk band starting in the early 80's consisting of three brothers who believed that youth is an attitude.
Sink With California
Men in Blue
Belive in Something
Punk Rock Mom
by Peter G June 14, 2004
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Punk band, started in the eighties, signed to BYO records.
Fuck You, Deep Inside Of Me, What Will The Revolution Change, Punk Rock Mom are my favourite songs by Youth Brigade.
by Kat September 08, 2004
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A kick ass punk formed in the early 80's. They have many great songs like
Fight to Unite
Do you want to die
I hate my life
they even got attacked by Wally George once. They did a movie with Social D in the 80s called Another State of Mind.
Teacher this is a quiet classroom.
Me: Not for long(Youth Brigade comes in the room)
Youth Brigade:Violence Violence Violence Violence does it make any sense.
(everyone including the teacher starts moshing)
by Skatepunkzero September 28, 2008
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