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A baby-faced pabo with sexy lips. Brain of B.A.P and the lead singer of B.A.P. Daehuyunnie's heartbeat. Also a very neat person who even smoothen out his blanket. He tends to get extremely sexy when he performs on stage. His ideal type of girl is one who has pretty hands and one who does not wear revealing clothes. He also owns the sexiest shoulders that can make one drool over it.
Are you youngjae ? Because gurl you have some perfect shoulders
by A.i October 18, 2013
some fat asian kid with a small dick who ate like 80 peices of bacon and everyone thought he was going to die, he will of a stroke at age 16. oh yea and he sucks dick ben the redneck
damn yj ate all that bacon *lardass*
by the hermit CRAB September 03, 2004
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