A beautiful, wonderful, loved person who is usually intelligent and occasionally thoughtful, and who is often misunderstood. "You" has at some point in their life felt unwanted, unloved, and worthless, but as you is slightly oblivious, you doesn't realize that you is none of these things. You typically doesn't like like himself or herself very much, and you has things that you feels like they need to change about themselves, but in reality you is perfect just the way you is. It is the nature of you.
Person #1: "Hey! How are you?"
Person #2: (*thinking*: Well, I feel depressed and lonely and I just want someone to care.) "Fine! How about you?"
Person #1: (*thinking*: Gosh, their life is so perfect. I wish I were them. I wish I was "fine".) "Good."
by unexpectedsomeones October 22, 2010
1. (n.) one who lives with mother exeeding the age of 30
2. (n.) One who wastes his/her time on urban dictionary, although it is a great site
3. (n.) Not me
YOU just wasted your time reading MY definition that makes fun of YOU
by Anonomous Boi March 21, 2006
Contraction of you is, a grammatical nightmare. Only used by teh morons and teh 1337.
Flaaron, you's so kwazy!
by Johnny Rocketfingers September 03, 2003
the person on the computer searching ''you'' and looking at this definition
hey you you are reading this!
by u2dvdbono September 09, 2010
You, <insert name here>, are the person reading this article, unless, of course, you're not. But that would be awkward.
“You bastard! You killed Kenny!”
~ Stan on You

“A total idiot.”
~ Captain Obvious on You

~ Soulja Boy on Who should crank that soulja boy
by Uncyclopedia March 27, 2008
are extraordinarily perfect...
you are indescribable.

you are heart beat.
by ivory.keys.*119 June 15, 2010
The person that sucks, taking fun out of the equation
Hey man, why the long face?

You showed up
by Yourself November 21, 2007

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