more than one you; a lot of you; many people
"Yous all seen what he done."
( a proud owner making a speech on receiving a trophy for his horse winning a major harness-racing event at the "trots")
#you #more than one #many #lot #plural
by yorrick hunt January 26, 2008
the correct way to spell the ordinary word, you.
not corrupted by the minds of sad depraved 12 year old myspace addicts.

{n.} not yooh
{n.} not yoo
{n.} not yew
19:55:40 <3 Why Are Y: i go to ur skwl year below yoo
19:55:48 craig <3 jad: *you

#you #myspace #depraved teenagers #sad #faggots
by craigisbetterthanme August 13, 2006
2nd person of singular or plural
I hate you, you hate me....
#i #he #she #it #we #they
by sissiny December 13, 2005
The person you shouldn't be afraid to be, someone you should be proud of.
The true definition of beautiful, means that you are always you.
#yourself #me #we #yoou #u
by -Samm- February 22, 2008
Soulja boy's best friend.
(in the song crank dat by soulja boy, he often says you with a long o)

Ok, not really. But you know it still sounds cool.

In literal terms, it is a pronoun in second person. And if you don't know what that means....go to English class.

Person 1: Who's soulja boy's best friend?
Person 2: Yooooooooooooooooooooou!


Person 1: You need to go to English class.
Person 2: Why?
Person 3: Because you had to look up the definition for you!
#you #me #yoooooooooooou #soulja boy #superman that hoe
by Do-It December 31, 2007
the person reading this. literate, unaware of what the word you means, and hereby informed.
you rock. you knock my socks off. you smell like cabbage.
#duh #duh bomb #no duh #barrack obama #um
by chinesemaneatingbanana March 27, 2008
Common Scottish colloquial shortening of "you guys" or "you folks", used to address multiple persons with a statement or question.
"What are you's up tae the day?"

"See you's? You's are aw a bunch o' bams!"

"You's are gonnae get chibbed, so you's are!"
#yous #you guys #scottish #colloquial #neds
by 8bit June 15, 2006
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