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Someone who completely fails at life and is naturally bad at everything he does. He cannot speak and has fewer rights than half of a squashed maggot's intestine. The only thing he is good at is falling or fAiLinG and his only purpose in life is to entertain others by being held, totally helpless, while someone repeatedly flicks his left testicle.
Yosh: ...
person A: let's Jesus Yosh
(Person A and B hold each of his arms while C flicks his testicle and 5 more watch and laugh)
by ostrichbean May 17, 2012
9 51
derived from a Japanese word meaning an enthusiastic affirmative, often used in l33t and other forms of online communication. Expresses approval and
You fr4gg3d all the other players?!? Yosh!! You r0x0r!
by culprit January 31, 2005
617 113
Throwing up because of alcohol abuse.

A word mentioned in 'Menswear' by The 1975
"I'm probably going to yosh in your mouth."
by furevahood January 04, 2014
62 5
A favorite exclamation of Dr. Eggman.
"Yosh!" "Yosh!" "Yosh!" "Yosh!"
by Tom December 02, 2003
188 195
To take without permission, in a very obvious way. Stemmed from the Nintendo Game "Mario Party", and Yoshi's tendency to buy numerous plunder chests and take your items.
John can't light his cigarette, because Nate yoshed his lighter.

"Hey, don't yosh my cupcake! I'm watching you!"
by GamerGirl4007 September 23, 2013
1 12
An amazing and sweet guy who is also super hot. His nickname is Mr. Sexy.
I wish I had a Yosh!
by mrs. sexy February 11, 2012
23 44
Exclamatory greeting that wishes love, peace, and respect.
Yosh to my people in the Back Bay!
by EnuhCorK! December 19, 2008
67 121