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Weird stalker from Facebook, Myspace, and AIM
spams people and wRIT3$ lIK3 Thi$, always uses the word ''nigga' and spells it like this: N!99@. she is very perverted and commonly talks about her pussdick expanding and such.
Formerly known as: Gustaviana, Horowitz,and Yoonmeep.
Yoonpee: Y0 ni99@ iM y00np33 riT@ $K30tCh NI9$
Random person on AIM/facebook: Um, what? who is this?
Yoonpee: Ni99@ My PU$$DicK i$ 3Xp@nDin9
Random Person: what???? who the hell are you?
Yoonpee: i $t@LK Y0u Ni99@ Im CUmMiN9 @nd M@$T3RB@TIN9 ni99@
Random Person: What the fuck? who the fuck are you!? GO AWAY DUMBFUCK
by Paramorefan4life June 12, 2009
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