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A word of shear genius. This word contains endless meanings and although it's origins are not fully clear it can be assumed that it's creator is a rather bright individual.
Person 1: Yomg
Entire World: Stares in utter amazement.
by Altered Words November 06, 2008
A very annoying word, originally used in place of ZOMG, that has now taken on a life of its on.

Also known as nonsense.
Cade: Hey, Whats up?
Josh: YOMG!
Cade: Seriously?
Josh: YOMG
by J-Car June 10, 2008
Less "Oh, My God"-ness than ZOMG, since "Y" comes before "Z"
She: If I'm late again, I'll get fired!

He: YOMG, that'll be the third time this month.
by k012957 January 25, 2008
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