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An expression used by modern youth as an excuse to do stupid things.
Stands for, "You Only Live Once."
"Come on, dude. Let's jump into that pit of boiling acid. YOLO."

"You stole a car???"
"Yeah. Whatever; YOLO."

"I dropped out of school and my parents won't let me live with them."
"Oh well. YOLO it."

"I say YOLO, because YOLO!"
by The Awesome QL Person April 17, 2013
its like 'CARPE DIEM' only its for dumb people
Dave: Guys theres a huge meteor coming earths way! we have no chance of surviving!


Jimmy the playa: YOLO
by arok April 12, 2013
1: "you only live once". a stupid shitass's excuse for anything and everything. DO NOT USE UNLESS YOUR TROLLING PEOPLE. if your serious then enjoy the incoming shitstorm. the stupid people version of "live and let live".

2: "you obviously love octavia". used by fans of "octavia", a my little pony backround character. rarely used in brony fandom.

3: "you obviously love octapus". i've only seen one person use this in real life but if you watch alot of tentacle porn, you will occationally run into it. used by fans fo tentacle porn. EXTREMELY RARE.
1: stupid guy/girl->"I'M GONNA EAT BACON!!!! YOLO!!!!"

2: obvious brony-> "buck pinkie pie. YOLO."

3: random guy talking about porn-> "fuck yoai porn. YOLO."
by human_derpy January 04, 2013
A word no-one should ever use
''Ooh just ate an apple lol YOLO'
by akaspiderray December 02, 2012
Um, obvi, it's oftenly mistaken to mean "You Only Live Once", but of course, that's wrong.
The real definition is "You Obviously Love Oranges"
Honestly, people these days.
Suck that bitches.
YOLO= You Only Live Once. YOLO is a common saying commonly overused and/or used in the incorrect context. Generally people use it as a way to justify their stupid actions. In actuality YOLO was created as a way to look at life, and to ensure you enjoy every last second. This means to stop worrying about the past, because you simply don't have time. Always look to the future, and make the most of every second you have!
Incorrect use!

Person A: Yo man I just took a dump on a park bench!

Person B: YOLO

Correct Use:

Person A: Hey I'm still getting over Person C, I cant stop thinking about them!

Person B: Dude YOLO, don't worry about it! Lets head to the gym, and we can talk about our summer trip while we are there!

Person A: I guess you are correct, I only live once lets go make the most of it!
by BMAN May 15, 2013
The meaning and justification for life.
YOLO, so Imma fuck bitches all nite fuck STDs.
YOLO, therefore I'm going to practice protected sex and wear a condom.
by yungboyz October 31, 2012