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Very inspiring & beautiful woman. Has a smile that can brighten a room & stop any man in his tracks. She has an unusual gift of always helping others & putting their needs first. This person is a rare gem to have and never let go. Besides being giving person she is also forgiving which makes her nieve.
Yodi (inspiring), Yodi (Beautiful), Yodi (Kind), Yodi (thoughtful), Yodi (happy)
by BradyBan February 03, 2010
In old Chinese the word "yodi" was also used to seal a bond between two people. It also means love and happiness.
In the modern blogosphere, it means random rants.

In Iloilo, a province in the Philippines, it is used as a usual everyday communication which means "alright!"
In the blogosphere: "I like your everyday yodi yodi on your blog."

Iloilo expression: "Oh you got a brand new car, yodi ah!!"
by yodisphere October 11, 2011
Equivalent of shalom. Can mean anything from hello,wassup,how's it hanging, or what you doin.
1.Dude, yodi?

2.Not much.
by Big dud September 13, 2009
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