shot of jagermeister and a beer
Gimme a Yobie!
by Anonymous February 27, 2003
Top Definition

from Elmore Leonard's book Pagan Babies.
Marijuana in Rwanda is sometimes called *Emiyobya Bwenje*
"the stuff that makes your head hot." From that, fictional Father Terry Dunn made up the word yobie.

Dianne rolls a wicked yobie.
by Tim Quick October 28, 2006
A joint or spliff, generally of large size.
Dude, we smoked a yobie that Jonny twisted up and got totally baked.
by Weed-o's cover my buds September 11, 2006
a small animal/rodent
i love yobie

is yobie a rodent or animal?

yobie is a small animal/rodent!
by zunejacka December 19, 2010
1) An obscure greeting, which is essentially an odd interspecies breeding of "YO", furbies and bunnies 2) A greeting expressing comical idiocy with a dab of whip cream
Yobies me homie!
by Kamikaze November 09, 2002
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