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Yoana is a very mysterious creative and happy person. She is many more things, as she has a wide range of interests and keeps an open mind, but manages a balance in her personality. She is bubbly and cute, usually nice to poeple when they are nice to her :D. She is good with people, likes to smile and to laugh a lot and loves her friends.
Her art, drawing and phtography are very important to her as is music and other creative arts.
A Yoana is naturally sarcastic, competitive and ghetto-fabulous.
In order to understand Yoana more go and meet her, she loves to make new friends and you will benefit from her frindship <3
go Yoanas ^_^
by yoona June 17, 2010
A tall bashful and spirited female. A Yoana, can easily be spotted out in a large crowd, either because of her electrifying presence, or because she has been injured. A Yoana's soul is often split up into for ethnic groups; hispanic, african-american, native- american, and bulgarian. A Yoana is naturally sarcastic, competitive, ghetto-fabulous, normally extremely innocent, and can be an occasional bitch. A Yoana is similar to a small puppy. Oh you are such a Yoana!
what a yoana
by yoann July 25, 2009
A person who has the ability to make ordinary social situations awkward as hell.
Friend:Dude,that was so awkward.Why did you do that?!
Me: I don't know,I am such a Yoana.
by rainydayandapotoftea August 18, 2013