The tender spot between the anus and the testicles; the nerviest nerve cluster on the human body.
"Oh god, you kicked me right in the yoach!"
by Frater CB April 28, 2008
Top Definition
Noun: Breast sweat
Verb: (to yoach, yoaching)
(noun): I went to motorboat her breasts, but I was so disgusted by her yoach I couldn't bring myself to do it.
(verb): It's so hot out here, I'm seriously yoaching
by crazyromantic December 11, 2006
A "mooch" who doesn't ask until only AFTER they've taken one or more of the assets/items desired by such a yoach. EG - "That guy" who pulls a cigarette out of your pack, lights it, & says something like, "Hey dude, I bummed a smoke off you. Is that cool?"
I'd still have cigarettes if it weren't for that fucking YOACH!!
by sinnergirl May 01, 2010
1. n. Vomit.

2. v. to vomit.
That last beer made me want to yoach.
by dirtdirt February 04, 2005
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