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The tender spot between the anus and the testicles; the nerviest nerve cluster on the human body.
"Oh god, you kicked me right in the yoach!"
by Frater CB April 28, 2008
6 6
Noun: Breast sweat
Verb: (to yoach, yoaching)
(noun): I went to motorboat her breasts, but I was so disgusted by her yoach I couldn't bring myself to do it.
(verb): It's so hot out here, I'm seriously yoaching
by crazyromantic December 11, 2006
12 4
A "mooch" who doesn't ask until only AFTER they've taken one or more of the assets/items desired by such a yoach. EG - "That guy" who pulls a cigarette out of your pack, lights it, & says something like, "Hey dude, I bummed a smoke off you. Is that cool?"
I'd still have cigarettes if it weren't for that fucking YOACH!!
by sinnergirl May 01, 2010
7 0
1. n. Vomit.

2. v. to vomit.
That last beer made me want to yoach.
by dirtdirt February 04, 2005
5 4