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1. Noun: A Yo-bro is a west coast white boy who is prone to wearing flip-flops and beat-up cargo shorts or board shorts. He carefully dishevels his hair, hangs out the window or balcony of his apartment with cheap beer in his hand, and tends to yell out "yo, bro!" to a fellow bro. These guys tend to be college age, but not necessarily college bound or they are in college but not necessarily in class. But beware, many tend to turn around and join corporate America and then rape you in the ass when they commit white collar crime. Many can be observed in the vacinities of Isla Vista, San Diego, Santa Clara, or Chico State.
Non bro 1 (usually a minority): "Hey man, you livin at the HU house next year?
Non bro 2: Naw, fuck that. I'm moving in with some Yo-bro's. They always got beer and drunk white sluts over.
by ear to the grindstone February 19, 2008
a person who is a friend who you cannot have legititmate conversations with
John:yo bro whats goin on
Sam:nm see you later

Jaleel:hey whats up
(jaleel's aquantiance from social studies)Martin:nm man school sucks
by extenzerocks October 11, 2009
A term used for Italian americans who try to act like that guy from "Growing up Gotti". Often, these "yo bros" can be recognized by their spiked hair, orange skin, and nextels.
Yo Bro: "Yo bro hit me up on my nextel so we can watch the Sopranos later"

by Kinz-a-dizzle August 27, 2006
its a bro that says yo. swears alot is also quite racist.
common yobro quote " you fukkin carrot ear " < that ones a classic
by Mole November 02, 2004
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