A jewish person, also known as a kike
Catholic: yo nigga let me cop a dollar dawg!
Jew: nah man, I only got $20 on me!
Catholic: What the fuck, Why you gotta be such a yitz?!
by D-sauce October 10, 2005
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A very obvious, clumsily made scam.
One who makes such scams.
He really thinks I'm going to pay that much for a box of random things that come once a month in the mail, what a yitz!!
by Honghavok July 14, 2014
A woman who is loud and vain, yet mentally feeble. Akin to ditz.
Like, what a yitz.
by Gabe February 14, 2004
is a street word for cocaine or can be used as a negative response
Yo you wanna do yitz tonight? yitz!
by yitzen yatzen September 25, 2003

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