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God among mortals. Enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets and large breasted women. If you know him and/or are compadre's with him, you are also good, although still no where near his amazing greatness that is himself that is incredible.
In Viking Folklore Yingle was the Viking god of cheeba, breasts and amazingness.
by yinglejingle September 05, 2006
The ability to share personal information.
Tyler yingled to Carissa that he liked her. Will you please yingle me your phone number?
by cityonmars December 24, 2010
An item of dubious usefulness, commonly an item of flashy jewelery, bling, or other decoration; particuarly small items that dangle and do not conform to other (more common) classifications of jewelery. See woozle.
Mellie's bellydancing costume wasn't complete unless she'd put on her full array of yingles that clanged and jingled against one another as she danced.
by Ydonia Goseling April 09, 2005
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