A biracial couple 69ing.
When members of 2 different races are 69ing, it resembles a Yin Yang.
by Undercover_Arab June 21, 2011
to balance the proportion of males and females in an organization.
Let's yin-yang our company by reducing the number of male staff and increasing that of female staff.
by uttam maharjan November 21, 2010
Nonsense or of no value. Usually used as "talkin yin-yang."
I just figured he was talkin yin-yang, so I didn't pay any attention.
by Digitals December 01, 2008
The anus. Yin in Chinese philosophy refers to feminine energy, while yang refers to masculine energy. The word has been incorporated into American slang to mean the male/female part. In effect, while males and females have different sexual organs, the anus is common to both sexes, thus the use of yin(female), and yang(male), to denote the anus in sexual contexts. Infrequently used.
(Mockingly) Gay Fred likes to take it up the ol' yin yang!
by tortfeasor January 11, 2006
Someone who is weak, incompetent, indecisive, or highly persuadable.
Ross couldn't decide whether he wanted to hit on Rachel or stay in the closet and masturbate with Joey. What a yin yang!
by Neil Gendreau October 15, 2007
When a guy and a girl 69 eachother and then the girl shoots her cottage cheese discharge into the guys mouth while he poops in her mouth. (the person on top has to put their mouth over the hole and suck it out)
"man, her and william totally yin yanged eachother"
by Justin :) February 26, 2008

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