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Yig is an acronym which stands for "Yes, I'm Gay." It is often used in chat rooms when the room goes quiet to start up conversation again.
Rene: Yig
Devin: OMG yig2!!!
by qwertyuiop112233 January 08, 2010
interchangable with the word yee. usually used with excitment. see also yiggities.
"You tryna hit a blunt?"
by Yigs April 02, 2008
YIG(S) (noun) - exceptionally high quality marijuana (weed).

To YIG (verb) - to smoke such excellent quality marijuana.
Friend 1: This car smells like like Yigs.

Friend 2: Yeah, we cruised and yigged in here for like an hour last night.
by Btown_crew December 29, 2011
Yeah okay; yes
"I am going out right now, Yig"
-Are you really going to game all night? -Yig.
by YIGBALLA December 16, 2013
Youth In Government. A youth program run by the YMCA. YIG has 3 functions: Model Assemblye which models state legislature, Model United Nations which models the UN and Conference on national affairs. It is run in about 34 states. Also known as YAG/Youth and Government
Billy was very invovled in YIG
by Bert Kord October 30, 2005
A god from the Cthulhu Mythos which is the father of snakes, he is easy to please, but he is also easy to anger. Watch out, if you kill a snake on his watch he'll turn you into one (or a half-snake/ half-human hybrid, depends on whom you ask) or simply kill you. Natives consider him bad medicine, so stay the F-word away.
Snake-men such as Dick Cheney worship Yig.
by Hastur July 11, 2008
Essentially, another word for awesome.
That CD was so totally yig that I kicked my mom right in the face.
by Tain June 24, 2004