A word used to greet someone. A combination of "yo" and "hi." It rhymes with "hi." It was popularized by underground east coast legends Illustrious C and Queue of Legion of Doom fame.
"Yi, holmes. What's crackin'?"
by Incarnadine August 05, 2006
Top Definition
That asian kid who plays counterstrike for hours on end and still knows enough to help u cheat in every subject.
Goddamit Yi. You friggin asians know everything.
by matt March 31, 2005
Noun- the pinnacle of sexual excitement; the ultimate destination of pleasure; a substitute for orgasm; mainly said by Chinese people from the South

Verb- to expel bodily fluids during sexual activity or when aroused
Dang Man! when Gabby walked into the band room I couldn't help but yi all in my pants.
by kansasalltheway6969 March 20, 2011
A popular greeting widely considered to have originated in the underground East coast rap scene. Credited in it's earliest uses to rappers Queue and Illustrious C of the Hip Hop group Legion of Doom. A combination of 'Yo' and 'Hi', it rhymes with the latter.
"Yi muthafucka, time to pull out my nine. 'Gonna slap a couple bitches fo' I guzzle some wine." ~From the track 'Upscale Anal' as featured on the Legion of Doom album 'Jockstrap in my Martini'.
by Sizzle Mac August 05, 2006
The guy who smells incredible and has a huge penis. Great with animals as pets. Also has great sex in cars, trucks, airplane bathrooms, closet, classrooms, offices, etc. Like a beast of the wild of sex.
I wish you were a hammer Yi, so you could nail me.
by Thatoneguy2112 October 21, 2011
n: extra large oompa-loompa that looks like a stupid whore with bleached blond dyed hair with excess black roots, gel/ hairspray, highlights, and eye makeup. Extra fake boobs usually pop out of the hot pink shirt that was purchased 10 sized too small with an exposed long dangly silver belly button ring that was most likely pierced at a grimey stand on the board walk.
Eli: When the fuck did she become a yi?
by Jackintheback3 June 01, 2011
A very proud Native American name with Navajo roots. People who bear this name generally like to participate in spiritual chants, wear war bonnets, chistle arrowheads, and search for that perfect war club for hours. Will generally live in the biggest tipie on the reservation, and have more animal pelts than anyone in the land.
Man that dude has a lot of pelts...he must be a yi.
by SBZ Lord2 February 03, 2010
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