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A girl who is original and is really cool and beautiful. Most likely has dark long wavy hair and honey brown eyes.
Person 1:She listens to a lot of different types of music.
Person 2:She must be a Yesenia!
Person 1:Yeah she is!
by RochePourToujours February 15, 2009
Popular Spanish name for a female. It means resembles a beautiful flower.
Liz named her baby girl Yesenia.
by Maria Lynette July 30, 2008
a badass girl who has great pick up lines. shes cool as hell and funny. shes weird and loud. adorable with chunky cheeks and pretty eyes.
there goes yesenia, lets stalk her.
omg look at yesenias eyes.
by weirdoohero February 20, 2010
Female with large breasts, brown hair, and an amazing personality, usually the cause of car accidents, neck cricks and walking into walls. Yesenia may in fact be the end of the world, that is how big her potential is.
I was driving home one afternoon when a beautiful busty girl passed by, I was sure she was a Yesenia.
by kissbanq. February 22, 2010
a classy girl that likes to help others and shop 'ill she drops.
she has a temper and anyone who provokes her will be sorry. she has a soft side and a weakness for cute small furry animals.
person 1: Hey that girl just smiled at me. She's so sweet.
person 2: She's a Yesenia.
by uwittykitty November 28, 2011
Fine Ass Chick Who Refuses To Give Up The Pussy, AKA LADYBUGS!!!!!
I have been on three dates and she still wont give it up! must be a Yesenia.
by hevak March 12, 2010
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