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Used in response to Nuh-uh.
"You're gay", said John. "Nu-uh!," replied Justin. "Yes-huh!," countered John. John won this argument.
by hoFFrY December 30, 2002
A expression used to let someone know that when they accuse you of stating untrue information they are in fact the ones who are in the wrong.
"Johnny, you're a stupid-head!"
"No, I'm not"


by Ryan December 03, 2003
A Rebutule to someone that does not beleive you.
Will went to the ozzy consert. No he didnt! Yes Huh
by Katie MS November 09, 2007
another way of saying yes. just like nah-huh.
customer: there are no more napkins left.

employee: yes-huh I just put them out!
by heyyyyboyyyy May 24, 2009
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