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17 definitions by Samstorm

1)The fastest growing sport in the world (fact) Also the fastest racket sport in the world (fact). Players must have extreme speed, reflexes and vision to name but a few essential attributes.
2)What losers or chavs say they are playing when they get out their pathetic excuse of a shuttle (made from cheap, poor quality, brightly coloured PVC) and £1:13 racket from soccer sports and go and dance around the garden like pansies
1)you think you can play badminton. Ok. Your serve"
(useless little loopy serve)
"Oh sorry did that hurt?"
2) Chav 1:"you wana play badminton mush?In da garden?"
Chav 2: "Na lets go vandalise a bus stop"
by Samstorm December 05, 2004
1)An insult used to descibe someone as a weak, pathetic, loser. People don't mind starting fights on these people as they are easily defeated due to their low strength, frail muscles and fragile bones.
2) a common garden flower
1) Wot a pansie, he can't even lift that block of concrete
2)ooo this pansie smells nice.
by Samstorm December 05, 2004
Currency that came into affect within the 11 eurozone countries in January 1999. Coins and notes were introduced into circulation in 2002. The European Central Bank (ECB) regulates the monetary policies of the Economic and Monetary Union. Benefits of the euro include reduced transaction costs, reduced uncertainty and risk due to price transparency and merger activity. The main cost is the cost of converting (price signs, tills, vending machines etc)However, this is only short term and if countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia think they can afford it then the UK can.
Jimmy - "Man I sure wish the British public would come to their senses and realise that in the long term the UK should join the euro and stop living in the past. It's just because they're too thick to understand the value of the euro and wouldn't be able to cope with losing their precious pounds"
Billy - "Yea woteva man lets go play computer games"
by samstorm April 07, 2005
1) Music originating from america in the 1960's. Created for people to dance to, with a prominent bass line and clever loops and samples. The most innovative style of music around today, encouraging new and varied ideas to emerge into the mainstream only to be knocked out of the charts by some pansie pop group or boyband who's records are bought by young girls.
Note: Dance music is not pop music. People who think that this is the case have never heard real dance music. pathetic people who call themselves djs by producing a re-make with a heavy beat and female vocals do not produce dance music. they produce poor quality pop.
e.g. Fatboy slim, Fischerspooner, Cosmic gate, etc etc
by samstorm December 05, 2004
To excrete human waste from the anus, often in an unintended location.

see also: dump
"ah man i just laid a brick in da bogs"
by samstorm December 05, 2004
A phrase used to agree with an elder or superior (e.g. teacher) in order to annoy them. Often accompanied with patronising chav style finger clicks, to highlight how soled they are, and how soled the superior is.
Teacher: "Is everyone happy with exercise 3C, questions 6-9?"
Soled student: "Yes Boss!" (waves hand to click fingers)
by Samstorm December 05, 2004
1)Alternative, street version of the Oxford English Definiton of "Solid" used to describe someone who is hard. Often used by chavs discussing the fight they had last night, or subsequent injuries.
1) Ahh m8, u is soled cuz u caned that mush innit
2) U can't be in my cru cuz u is not soled.innit do.
3) I is harda dan u. i wil kil u cuz i is soled.
by Samstorm December 05, 2004