Adj. To sniff a drug. Originated in the dirty den. (Meriden, Connecticut)

Adj. For a male to Jack-Off.
I just yerked a pill.

I just yerked some cocaine.

I just yerked in the bathroom.
by CHALK1110 August 22, 2008
when a man jacks off
i just got done yerkin it or so whos down for a yerk sesh
by grillled yease October 17, 2007
A lazy, semi-obese yet lovable dude thats a "nice" jerk with a pompous attitude.
{That Yerks just hit my car and drove away!}
by JiffyJiffy June 26, 2010
to jerk off; to whack off at your penis
Dude!! That guy was yerkin' off in the back of the class!!
by Kidd Rio:) June 21, 2009
a word used to express sarcasm
"That girl is so pretty"
"YERK....she's pretty"
by Stephanie April 10, 2005

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