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N. To Sniff a drug.
N. To Jerk off.
N. To Puke after drinking.
Damn you yerked that coke fast dude.
Damn dude, don't yerk in public!
Dudeee, DAMN, you yerked all over my shoes.
by CHALK1111 November 16, 2008
8 15
when a man jacks off
i just got done yerkin it or so whos down for a yerk sesh
by grillled yease October 17, 2007
6 13
A lazy, semi-obese yet lovable dude thats a "nice" jerk with a pompous attitude.
{That Yerks just hit my car and drove away!}
by JiffyJiffy June 26, 2010
1 9
to jerk off; to whack off at your penis
Dude!! That guy was yerkin' off in the back of the class!!
by Kidd Rio:) June 21, 2009
4 12
a word used to express sarcasm
"That girl is so pretty"
"YERK....she's pretty"
by Stephanie April 10, 2005
5 23