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the name of The Super Clan's leader on omgpop.com
his favorite hobbies include eating ham sandwiches, walking his dogs, and saying JAJAJA
Yeri is the coolest guy everrrrrr
by nancy drew (Super Clan 5) August 18, 2009
11 3
hot lil mama. tiny but amazing. loves to wear special underwear ;] some times none at all. thats my favorite. Usually happy likes icecream. soft serve. with sprinkles. rainbow sprinkles. drips her underwear ocassionally. hates noels.
one day i saw a Yeri! and i got excited. (boing)
by mmmhhhhhhhmmm November 21, 2010
7 2
Yeri is the best leader in omgpop of super clan. he love laughing in spanish "jajajaja" which he always do. :P getting a little on my nerves. lol jk jk jk. he is a good balloono game player. I am in his clan. And other member too. We are like brother and sister on there. I love my clan. But sometime....TOO MUCH DRAMA! JK JK JK! :D Yeri you better read this ><
by babyghost123 (super clan 58) September 02, 2009
8 5
a bratty korean woman.

"damn homey, that girl dissed me, what a yeri!"
by ramborhee August 17, 2006
13 18