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only the best multiplayer gaming site with the best games. you'll have one heck of a time with ur friends , and you'll get to meet some strangers. just beware of pedos and stalkers...
1. dude omgpop is the shit!!

2. i cant stop playing balloono on omgpop, and ive been playing for 24 hours

3. ahh just got home... time for me to play some omgpop yo
by tokiojr. July 29, 2009
An online, gaming website. Which includes of several games. Very popular, and the logo is a panda. Charles Forman, the founder of the website, is titled to 'SetPixel' in the serachbar. Spin-off and has another website, "PictureClub", which is a re-creation of Twitter, except of postage of pictures.
Omgpop is awesome! Spectacular!
by OMGITSMEE December 23, 2009
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