Top Definition
It means "Honey" or "Darling"

It is a Korean word(:
Yeobo! Can we go get something to eat?
by yooooochi March 14, 2010
Honey, darling, sweety.

Used between couples to address each other but if there's a difference between yeobo and the other Korean turms used between lovers, yeobo is only used between married couple.

There are Korean couples who are just dating but using this turm, it's just the same as you call your boyfriend/ girlfriend hubby or wifey.

They know it's only for married couples so they like to 'play' with this word.
A: Yeobo, I miss you
B: Yeobo?
A: What? we're engaged and all, I can't call you yeobo?
B: No no i like it
by hanibreeze March 03, 2015
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