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Lizard from the Tropics.
Yensys are known to love the Carlo.
The species in question spends longs periods of time in front of the mirror.
That Yensy is really into her looks.
by Peterere November 21, 2006
To look at one's self in the mirror while at work.
1. This employee continues to yensy multiple times throughout the day in order to fix her make up.

2. It's good to yensy prior to meetings in order to ensure you look great.

3. What kind of Jorge can't get up from her desk and yensy in the bathroom?
by D.L. Pedro November 01, 2006
Cool, awesome, super fucking awesome, fucking awesome shit, just plain awesome.
Yea, it was so yensy
by funkyjunkie January 25, 2011