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1. Noun - a website where people go to read and write reviews about their favorite local businesses

2. Verb - to yelp, meaning to use the website yelp.com, especially to write a review or share/find information about a business or topic

3. Verb - to scream like a dog
1. "Is there anyone out there who gives a painless brazillian wax?" "Lady, just search on Yelp for Annahita, she can do it in 12 minutes flat!"

2. Oh man, this taco is AMAZING, I gotta Yelp this.

3. The chick in the porno I watched last night was yelpin' like Lassie
by caroline c June 13, 2008
A web 2.0 hangout for people over 40 who make over $250,000 a year but can't make friends irl.

The word "yelp" stands for the phrase "Yuppies Eat Like Pigs".
"I went to yelp to find a great pizza in my neighborhood but all I got were reviews for crummy foie gras and figs on ciabatta. :("
by Jung1 August 14, 2009
A cry of pain. Can also be used as an onomatopoeia.
Yelp. Here comes that all-powerful death mouse. Oh, and that all-powerful death mousse. Chocolatey.
Yelp is a verb which means to embed the personality traits of a snarky & witty individual who is on the bleeding edge of culture, into the vehicle of a hallowed out opinion about a person, place or thing.
"Jason yelped about the new Subway opening on 7th and Mission. He's so funny and cool. I wish I could write that well."

by Yelper X November 01, 2007
Yelp is a web 2.0 company that operates a social networking and user review website by the same name.
Google and you'll find lots of results for Yelp.
by *arizona July 10, 2008
Either a cry of pain or another way to say yep to me
"Yea..so bored." "yelp"

Yelp! you stepped on my tail!
by ur worst nightmare May 21, 2004