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The opposite of "no" used in a sarcastic manner. Created circa 1991 Dunwoody High School, Dunwoody, GA.
John: "so did that fat girl sit on your face or what?"

Jack: "yef, dude. yef."
by Wildcat Pride September 29, 2006
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1. to blaze; to toke; to smodaweed
2. Youth Expression Forum (this is a common occurrence after the actions listed in definition #1)

etymology: serendipitous misspelling of the word "YEE", as in "YEEEE, son!"

side effects: love for your homies, running through your blood vessels

(adj.)- YEF'd, YEF'n, YEFAF (YEF'd As Fuck!)
H: Finna Yef?
J: Fsho my niggy, aint no schwag in the bag--
H: Let's smoke that cali weed!
by grandmasteryef June 20, 2011
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