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1.Something really unhelpful or an extremely incorrect statement

2. A huge massive overused cocked
1. Yo, i heard that there are dogs with penises the size of the moon on pluto.

Wat, thats just a Yeeles

2. Hey, Platrew, stop playing with ur Yeeles. Freak
by monkeymuncher June 05, 2010

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1)This is a man who is very self concious about the size of his nipples and gets very anxious about his problem. 2) a very loud and rude at some times and gets involved in a lot of arguments mainly unnecessary. 3) a large and overused cock 4) a massive rugby jock
I was fucking this girl last night and she had a massive pair of yeeles'!!!

NO yeeles i don't want to argue with you!
by Wat up dog tebj here July 25, 2010