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An incorrect, yet very elaborate spelling of the word "Yeah."

The word is often used when making a typo, while chatting with friends on Facebook, or texting on a celluar device.

The one and only definition of this word is being a response to a yes or no question, being a typo of "Yeah", but can also become a trending word on Twitter, or even Google+ in the near future.
Anthony asked, "Are you going to the public pool today?"

Michaela responded, "Yeag." "Woops, I mean't yeah."
by Antoine DeSico July 10, 2011
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Hell to the yeah to the doubleness. Used in situations where normal words are inadequate to discribe the current situation.
"Heyy man wanna go to the skate park? oh yeag"
"Maggie's example is yeag"
by Mr. Hardass November 04, 2011
Slang for a mosquito bite.
That's a big yeag.
I'm covered in yeags!
My yeag's all swollen and shit...
by yeagboy October 11, 2010
Yeag: A much cooler way of saying "YES" to someone who is much uncooler than you!

Uncool Guy: Hey dude, are you cool

Cool guy: YEAG!!,Much cooler than you!
by Robert the great June 06, 2007

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