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1. To express the acceptance of something or to be in agreement with

2. A sentence enhancer usually found at the end of a sentence

3. Put in at the end of a sentence to tell the person you're talking to he/she is being a douche bag (usually said at normal speed while the rest of the sentence is said at a rapid pace)
1. Doug: "Hey Zally I heard you pyon nubz at halo 3?
Zally: "Ye boi."

2. "im teh best at free styling so ye boi."

3. Twister: "Hey i heard you wanna touch my penis"
Zally: "uh nobody asked you that so, ye boi."
by YOUmightKNOWmeASzSquared March 19, 2009
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aw yeah; yeah boy
aww yeboi thats some tight shit
by Amanda and Jackie January 29, 2003

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