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This is the term given to Egyptian women that stand on the corner of "Gam3et El Dowal" and "Sudan Street". They are not prostitutes, but will spend the night with you if you offer them 200 L.E. or more. Yassos are usually horny and overweight. They have very thick, rug-like hair.
In order to spot a Yasso you must go to the corner mentioned above, honk three times, flash your car-lights twice, and open the door; She will then jump in out of nowhere.
Person 1: "Oh, look.. we are at the corner of Gam3et El dowal and Sudan.. let's call for yasso?"
Person 2: "There is nobody here, it's 4 am and there is nobody in the streets!"
Person 1: "No, look look... Honk, Honk, Honk, Flash, Flash, open the door"
Person 2: "Are you crazy?"
Yasso jumps in the car and they continue their journey
Person 2: "Oh thats sooo cooool!"
by The Superior 1 April 24, 2010

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