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Inland 20km's from Wyong on the Central Coast. Filled with Hillbilly's and Redneck's. No electricity in the Yarramalong Valley just a bunch of hillbills climbing trees and shooting rabbits for dinner. Majority of the valley is inbred, ask anyone from the valley if they are related to a Fernance and you will see what I mean. A yeti resides at the side of Bumble Hill if you dare to treck that far into the Valley. Be sure to wear a chastity belt for the Yeti is known to make unconsentual love to any passers by in mating season, 365days a year
What are shoes?

Haha he must be from Yarramalong!
by rhyscathcart January 08, 2011
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The preferred watering hole of toothless fuckheads and "locals" on the Central Coast.
Me an da boys are goin up ta Yarramalong fer a piss up.
by Kool-Moe-Dee January 19, 2011
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