The man who holds the yarn for the woman of his affection while she knits.

There are three main functions a good yarn monkey holds:
1.Helping convert a skein of yarn into a yarn ball while untangling the knots.

2. Unrolling the yarn as progress on the knitted project is made (also retrieving the ball of yarn should it roll under a table/couch or get trapped somewhere).

3. Providing companionship during the knitting process. This includes conversing, maintaining pleasant facial expression and providing compliments regarding the knitted item.
This yarn is so tangled! I wish I had my yarn monkey here to help me out.
by E&KTwinz June 03, 2011
Top Definition
A male individual who holds the skein of yarn for the woman he loves while she knits or crochets.
Look a that yarn monkey. He must really love her...
by Tullie June 03, 2011
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