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A skein is someone who is a bit of a mental. They try to be ruthless but they end up looking like an idiot with no balls.
A skein generally makes stupid mistakes that lose them friends by trying to look cool.
A skein in the simplest form is someone who tries to fit in by being ruthless but ends up embarrassing themselves further.
Anthony is such a Skein. What a Skein!!!!
by Slurpyyy July 03, 2016
A person of irish decent who drives an AE86 corolla.
Daniel is such a skein. I want to get drunk and have sex with him.
by lol lolla June 05, 2007
A penis after ejaculating during sex.
Dude #1 "Man, what a sad looking skein"

Dude #2 "...What the hell are you talking about?"
by Steenalizer June 04, 2016
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