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Yard Nazi:
A person or persons that go over-board keeping their yard and gardens meticulous.
Spending at least 2 hours a day on yard work year around.
And/Or placings all types of yard decorations out to celebrate various holidays to accessive amounts.
My Yard Nazi neighbor mowed his grass for the 5th time this week!
Bill is such a Yard Nazi that his holiday display doubled his electric bill in December!

by CheriePie October 10, 2007
A suburban neighbor who systematically overcuts the lawn,leaving a raised line of grass delimiting one's yard from the Yard Nazi's. Usually mows just before the neighbors, even before sunrise.
Life partner 1: "Dear, why are you in such a rush to mow?"
Life parneter 2: "I've got to beat the Yard Nazi."
by LizzieLee December 03, 2006
A hired person who walks around school campuses, strictly, and wrongfully, enforcing rules which may or may not exist.
1. Mrs. King is a yard nazi. 2. Those yard nazi's are getting on my nerves...
by Ryan Black December 31, 2003
A small ornamental statue in the form of a 1940's Nazi soldier. It is placed in the lawn or garden for decoration. Very similiar to garden gnomes.
Some members of Mrs. Jackson's garden club found her Yard Nazi to be a colorful, yet offensive addition to her outdoor decor.
by Reverend Chaos January 02, 2004
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