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1. A very very smart person who is always right.

2. A person who can't stand beeing wrong. Even if that person is wrong, he will just make the world change for him to be right.

3. Someone who knows all kinds of stuff, and he is very good at calculating.
1. He's so smart, he's a yann.

2. Urgghh. He was the one who was wrong, but he made it look like I was wrong. That yann-guy is so annoying.

3. Wow. He just calculated 3047238+87236745 using only his brain, and the answer was right! what a yann!
by @nonyme February 08, 2010
1) When one is caring, loving, sweet, considerate and like way totally COOL, and cute. Yeah :3

2) One of teh coolest dudes ever! CHAA! Lovee
1) "DUDE! That's so Yann!"

2) Pretzel - "Duude, wheres Yann?"
James - "Probably off fucking llamas"
Yann (he just signed in) - "DUUUDE! D: Harrrt"
Pretzel - "DUUUDE harrt <_<>_>"
James - "BAH NAH NAH"
by PretzelMe August 31, 2006
1. Sexy, funny, handsome, wow, and ridiculously smart.

2. A gentleman, good in bed, ladies first (if you know what I mean, and caring.

3. Tall, muscular...

4. One who lives in California, is tan is shit, and can pole dance in a totally non-gay way.

5. One of the sexiest people ever to have attended calhigh.
1. Damn, why is Yann always in a relationship?

2. Girl: "I have to look pretty tonight. Yann will be there"

3. Hard is synonym of Yann? yeahhhh

5. Yann from calhigh?? Damn he is hot
by Michaeldeeed February 23, 2010
yann, usually a passive aggressive person.
good with dealing with other people's problems.
Ends up getting what they want in the end.

The name is of french background.

The name is often given to somebody who will be overcomed and overwhelmed by physical things during their time of puberty. ( a weakling)

"Man. If you act vague, everything seems to sort itself out."
- the general 'yann' attitude.

Will cover their face awkwardly with arms, to shield themselves wimpishly from the oncoming torrent of small nuts thrown at them.
by pancakey April 27, 2009
To act stupidly, for example: to drink far too much alcohol. Also, to 'did yourself into a hole'.
1. I'm gonna Yann about with some fireworks later
2. I've Yanned myself by not getting a job for so long! I'm unemployable!
by parsonist August 07, 2003
yann is a skinny, dumb and ugly gay-ass, who likes to break his right, very thin arm...
you are a YANN, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!
by Anonymous June 16, 2003
Yann is a skinny aids Bastard with a big fat tumor in his ugly head
Watch out here comes Yann he is goind to infect us all!!!
by Tobi August 04, 2003
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