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To lose a playoff series when leading 3-0.
The Bruins got Yankeed by the Flyers, when the Flyers came back from a 3-0 deficit.
by letsgoflyers May 14, 2010
Professional sporting term used to describe a team that once held a significant lead on an opponent in a game or series, only to lose in dramatic fashion; Synonym of 'choked' ; Also see: MLB's 2004 American League Championship Series
Steve: I can't believe the Seahawks won, they were losing by 14 points with 5 minutes to go! Joe: I know... Packer's really Yankeed that game!
by ElmCityMan January 20, 2015
Losing to the Yankees via walk-off.
The Twins and the Angels were two teams that got Yankeed this postseason.
In the 2009 season there were 15 instances where teams got Yankeed.
by PCeccarelli October 19, 2009

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